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Why Study In Germany?

The major factor that makes Germany such a popular place for masters and MBA is that German Universities don’t charge tuition fee, yes, that’s right! almost all public universities in Germany don’t charge tuition fees at all to international students. The major advantage of this factor is thatone can focus on their own accommodation, food, transport and so on. Engineering and Technology is highly valued in Germany, major automotive industry giants are based in Germany, along with that Germany has excellent infrastructure in highways, monumental structures and many more. Major Companies like Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz etc. have their manufacturing units setup in Germany thus providing many opportunities for Mechatronics, robotics and so on

Study In Germany

Germany is an academic hotspot. Unlike any other country, Germany has several globally renowned institutions, various courses to select from, globally regarded degrees that guarantee excellent employability, and low living costs. Germany has a deep history, as well as a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle that combines the contemporary and the classics, the urban and the rural, and will immerse and make you adore every second spent here.

Considering all these factors, it is not surprising that Germany is one of the top foreign student destinations in the globe. According to the most recent official figures, approximately 357,000 international students are pursuing a university degree in Germany, with the number continually growing. There are several benefits to studying in Germany. Excellent institutions provide a diverse choice of courses, many of which are taught in English. Most courses have no tuition costs, and students should be able to live comfortably. Let us look at these factors one by one and understand the benefits of education in Germany.

Many Degree Programs to choose from

Germany has a huge number of universities and provides a wide range of degree programmes to fit everyone’s interests. As an industrialized country, Germany has made significant investments in engineering universities, and engineering majors are now highly recognised at German universities. However, these institutions offer many more study options, and several of them are world leaders in fields such as medicine and pharmacy.

Opportunities for International Students to Work

According to German legislation, overseas students may work part-time for up to 20 hours per week or 120 full days per year. Over 60% of current international students are projected to work part-time while studying in Germany. You don’t need a qualification in the first place because there are many jobs accessible and you will most likely find anything. Students in Germany commonly work as tutors, bartenders, administrative workers, babysitters, and so on.

Tuition fee is cheap or negligible

Education in Germany is unexpectedly less expensive than in many other nations. Higher education in Germany may demand a very cheap or no tuition price in some situations! Germany is the only major worldwide study location where many universities do not charge tuition. In October 2014, the decision was adopted, declaring that overseas students attending public colleges in the country would not be required to pay regular tuition rates. They will just have to pay administrative fees such as a student union fee, a student contribution, and a public transportation ticket. They may reach EUR 250 every semester as a group.

Living expenses are reasonable

The cost of living in Germany for international students is relatively cheap with some savvy money management and minor changes to your former lifestyle. Prices in metropolitan regions are often higher than those in surrounding areas. Rent is the most significant financial worry you will face while studying in Germany. However, you have many possibilities, and while the cost of rent varies (mostly based on the location of the apartment), it is not too costly.

Top Ranking German universities

The availability of multiple highly regarded prominent colleges is a huge lure for international students for education in Germany. This is one of the most interesting reasons for studying in Germany. As of 2018, Germany had 429 public higher education institutions, with 106 of them offering unique study abroad programmes. In terms of quality, German institutions adhere to the highest worldwide education standards. Some of them have routinely been recognised among the greatest in the world. Students respect these top-ranked schools for the quality of their education, the people who work there, the chances for research and academic progress, the hands-on experience, and the dynamic environments.

Apart from these major factors, Germany is home to many Multinational Companies which allow candidates to get a job after they complete their degree extremely easily. So if you wish to take your career to Germany and have dreams of getting yourself enrolled in top German institutes, reach out to ADM Eduboard today.

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