Admission Guidance

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Admission Guidance

The trickiest part of all is the admission, which in turn leads to the most crucial phase of shortlisting universities to apply for. ADM makes this process very simple through our team of experts, the student is given the most apt choices of universities according to the analysis done on the students profile. We understand that applications of various universities can be exorbitant, so we guide students to the best universities, the whole process is carried out in an oriented and structured manner as follows: –

1. A free counseling session with experts

It is first important to understand the student’s opinion and his perspectives on what he wants to pursue and where. We provide the students with the best and flexible packages. Every student will be assigned with a high quality and professional counselor and the focus of the counselor at ADM is to guide students towards the best course and institution based on their profile and get them admitted.

2. Understanding course, country and university

After doing a detailed analysis on a student’s profile and having a counseling session with the team of experts, we will guide you in selecting the best course or programs, so that the students are ensured the best success in future. With Our counselors high quality experience and ample knowledge, We aim to save your time and money both and guide you carefully towards your needs. By carefully analyzing and understanding and assessing students’ profiles our counselors will help them to shortlist the universities and the courses.

3. Documentation editing

At ADM we keep documentation at top priority, and we ensure there are nil errors in the process. The whole process is done from scratch by our experts in a very organised manner, all documents are tracked by our team with a proper plan of action. A separate critical path method is created for the whole process and each step carefully looked upon. Our team along with the experts also assist students with important aspects like essays, tone of grammar, the content, statement of purposes and the best of everyone’s effort to get the student what he desires for. An application best compiled gives a fast response, the universities sometimes even internally ask us about the profile of the student for the best peer.

4. Application process of universities

Each university have their own separate portals for application form, along with seperate deadlines, which may vary according to the university, each student’s profile is separately tracked by our team and every section of every application is been thoroughly read and rectified, as even the slightest error can affect the whole application. Some universities have specific requirements for their application which are then assisted by our team, and in some meticulous cases we even send personalized recommendations to the universities which specifies the students strength and potential which is specifically suitable for their program in the university.

5. Interview prep and scholarship guidance

There are some universities which might inquire about the students profile with some questionnaires, and our team of specialists help the student in preparing them for such instances. The universities also keep an eye on bright students and with excellent profiles and often offer them with scholarships or fee waivers. In some of the very exceptional cases the university might give students an option for conditional scholarship, which our team of experts will guide the students in the best way.

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